BA in Design

Faculty: Faculty of design and engineering

About the program:  The student becomes acquainted with the fundamental principles of design in a broad sense and subsequently specializes through distinct tracks:

  • Product Design: This encompasses the creation of designs for items like furniture, lighting, jewelry, craft products, and various industrial goods.
  • Packaging Design: This involves understanding the regulations governing packaging design, its role in product marketing, and its ecological impact.
  • Fashion Design: This track focuses on designing textiles, garments, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and related items.
  • Multimedia and Animation: This track delves into the design of digital multimedia, websites, web pages, video games, and animation.

Throughout the third and fourth years of study, students gain practical experience by training within private sector establishments such as factories and companies. This exposure not only enhances their skills but also facilitates their integration into the job market.

Type: Bachelor's program

High School branches that can be enrolled in the program:  All branches

Minimum acceptance rate (high school GPA): 75%

Number of hours: 124

Duration of study: 4 years

Fields of work: Upon completion of the program, graduates are well-prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities. These include employment within design firms, furniture manufacturing plants, jewelry and gold production facilities, textile and apparel factories, workshops specializing in antiques and handicrafts, advertising and marketing companies, and the field of digital multimedia design. Additionally, graduates have the option to establish themselves as independent designers, providing a platform for creative expression and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Tuition fees:

- Registration fees for the regular semester: 250 NIS

- Registration fee for the summer semester: 125 NIS

- Service fees for the regular semester: 140 NIS

- Service fees for the summer semester: 70 NIS

- Credit hour fee: 275 NIS

- One-time graduation fee: 110 NIS


The academic plan of the program: