Our Mission

Our Mission:

To build a country; stone by stone

To empower a community; person by person

To create institutions that give life in abundance


The University College’s main goals are:

1. To establish a new institution of higher education in Palestine which awards bachelor’s degrees in arts and culture

2. To award Bachelor’s degrees in the field of visual arts, including contemporary plastic arts and film production

3. To develop academic programs in the above-mentioned specialties and proceed to offer Master’s degrees

4. To build an educational edifice in the Bethlehem area concerned with the development of the intellectual student as a creative thinker and economic expert through innovative education designed according to 21st century standards.

5. To meet the economic, cultural, social, and educational needs of the Palestinian society and to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and cultural life in Palestine by providing youth with training in professional and academic skills.

6. To provide alternative educational opportunities from those that are currently available in Palestinian universities, colleges, and other academic institutions by providing a complete and integrated curriculum based on the creative skills and needs of students.

7. To foster new job opportunities for Palestinian students in accordance with the needs of Palestine and encourage human productivity and creative skills to enable qualified students to participate in shape the future through their work.

8. To create opportunities for Palestinian young women and children from all sectors of Palestinian society to study with each other and with other non-Palestinians in order to raise awareness, tolerance, and respect for the cultures, thoughts, and beliefs of others.

9. To establish an institution that encourages active communication and fosters an international network among artists, directors, and contributors in the industry of human culture, believing that it enriches both academic and cultural work

10. To provide high quality and universally recognized education leading to the graduation of qualified Palestinian young men and women.