The library

Dar al-Kalima University Library was Established in 2006, it is an academic library specializing in art, cinema, music, and tourism topics.

Library objectives

  • Dar al-Kalima university Library provides all the information for the curricula taught at the university providing all reference and guidance services. It also provides  all the needs of faculty members from multiple sources and information
  • Dar al-Kalima university Library also provides an electronic databases to provide the appropriate study atmosphere through the website and sources.
  • The classification system used in the library.


The library uses the Congressional classification system, which is one of the systems used in libraries to arrange and organize books in an easy and quick way to access them.


Services provided by the library

1. Secondment

This service is provided for the following

Regular students (14 days renewable for 7 days)

Employees (14 days renewable for 7 days)

Faculty members of the faculty (30 days renewable for 15 days)

The maximum number of books allowed for lending is 4 books.

All university students, faculty members and employees have the right to borrow books that are allowed to be loaned in accordance with the regulations in force at the library. If the required books are not available in the library, they can be searched in other libraries such as Bethlehem University Library and Birzeit University Library by following the systems of these libraries, or providing the required books through "purchase as needed". Books that have a higher priority will be purchased and made available first.

References are not Lent and are not allowed to be taken out of the library.


2. Reference Service

Librarians respond to beneficiaries 'information and book-related inquiries through the materials available in the library of Dar al Kalima University by answering quick and direct questions by phone or in person, or by collecting documents and data, which will therefore respond to beneficiaries' inquiries and inform beneficiaries about it through any of the various means of communication available.

The librarians also provide an ongoing briefing service, which is to inform the beneficiaries on a regular basis about the newly received collections, selections from periodicals and lists of contents of books, as well as information about conferences, research and reports related to the interests of the beneficiary.


3. Booking rack

Materials from the library are placed on the reservation shelf at the request of faculty members to complete a specific project and for use by students inside the library only.

There are two types of the reserve shelf:

Closed reserve -the material is used inside the library only

Open reserve -it can be loaned for one night only and loaned one hour before the end of the work and returned before ten o'clock the next morning.

This service can be used to reserve books for later borrowing.

Also, if the desired books are on loan, the priority of lending the books after returning them to the library will be for those who requested to put the books in the reservation rack service.

The maximum Reservation is two books and is done for only 7 days-except for those materials for specific projects-after which the books are removed from the booking shelf and made available for public use.


4. Photocopying

The library provides the photocopying service of the materials that the beneficiaries need using the photocopying machine available in the reading room after purchasing a Passcode for that.


5. Electronic search

The library provides computers to make it possible to conduct electronic scientific research



The library provides a computerized data printing service from a computer to the printer available in the library for a nominal amount calculated for each page.

Services provided by the library through its website.

  • Library index – to search for books available in the faculty by searching for a topic, author, title or publication data
  • Local, Arabic and international library catalogs (currently unavailable service)
  • Ongoing briefing (service not currently available via the website)
  • Bulletins and reports (Service not currently available through the website)
  • Newly arrived books
  • List of rare and ancient books (currently unavailable service)
  • List of magnetic disks, videos and other multimedia materials (currently unavailable service)
  • Website addresses of specialized periodicals available in full text via the internet (currently unavailable service)


Library data is available for public scientific research at the following e-mail address:


Instructions for using the library

  • Group study inside the library is prohibited.
  • Eating and drinking inside the library is not allowed to maintain the safety of books, references, periodicals and other library tools.
  • It is forbidden to use cellular (mobile) devices inside the library
  • Writing on books is prohibited to preserve their integrity.