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The Image is a tale of a nation: Karimeh Abbud Award for Photography 2022

While the massacres continue as part of a genocide in Gaza, the pain of losing the beloved continues to mount. Memories become a bridge connecting the tales of the past with the present, so each day forms its own reflection and each name of a victim reveals its own story.

In 2022 as part of Karimeh Abbud Award  for photography, which is launched annually by Dar al-Kalima University to support the talent of young Paesltinians and to Commemorate the legacy ofKarimeh Abbud , one of the pioneering photographers in Palestine in the early twentieth century and an iconic female figure, three young men from Gaza won the the leading first positions. It was our utmost pleausre to see these young men translating their dreams, thoughts and daily stories into artistic photos.

Unfortunately none of the three winners manged to reach Bethelem to celebrate his

achievement and to receive the award, due to the Isreali seige on Gaza and the militrary checkpoints and barriers. However we - at Dar al-kalima University- manged to deliver their awards to be received at our Training Centre in Gaza and to be connected to the ceremony at our campus in Bethlehem through video conference.

Today the story has a different dimension, as regretably, we have been informed yesterday that winner of the first place, Mohammed Al-Rifi was killed among other civilians by an Israeli indiscriminate shelling by the shores of Gaza while they were searching for food for their famililis in the city on the brink of starvation and famine .

Meanwhile, we are still hoping to hear any news about the second winner, Nidal Al-Wahidi, who has been reported missing since the beginning of the war, and no information was released about his condition, if he was shot or had been detained by the occupation forces.

Nevertheless, we do wish the third winner, Mutaz Azaiza, who manged to get out of Gaza, safety and the ability to continue his humintarian role in revelaing the atrocities and suffering of Gazans and to be an ambassador for the plight of Palestinians for Justice and Freedom .

Dar al-Kalima University, is committed to continue its Academic, cultural and national role in supporting our people in Gaza, despite the partial destruction of its Training Center in Gaza and the mounting pain, suffering and massive destruction, sorrow and challenges due to the continuing massacres.

The photos of Mohammed Al-Rifi are still hanging on the walls at our campus in Bethlehem since 2022 and will continue to mirror the dreams of the youth in Gaza.

May the soul of Mohammed Al-Rifi and all innocent victims rest in peace. Our hopes and prayers for the safety of Nidal Al-Wahidi and all those missing and injured in this genocidal war in Gaza.

Freedom and Justice for Palestine.