BA in Cultural and Sustainable Tourism

Faculty: The faculty of cultural and Tourism Management

About the program: The program is designed to equip students with a holistic understanding of the tourism industry, emphasizing its significance and best management practices. It provides comprehensive insights into the role of tourism within the national economy, with a focus on sustainability, alternative tourism forms, and strategies for sustainable management. Graduates gain the knowledge to harness economic and cultural benefits from tourism, contributing to the preservation of Palestinian culture and resources. Moreover, the program fosters innovative and sustainable perspectives on tourism development by involving specialists in cultural and sustainable tourism management.

Practical training is a core aspect of the program, involving field research and collaborative projects with organizations operating within the tourism sector. This approach prepares students for potential careers in various sectors, including hospitality management, restaurant management, travel agencies, tourist transport companies, government bodies responsible for tourism, conference centers, and planning tourist excursions.

Students can specialize in one of the following tracks:

Management and Planning: Graduates are prepared to work in the management of hospitality venues, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist transport companies, and various other tourism-related services. They are also qualified for roles within government institutions overseeing tourism activities, as well as conference centers. Additionally, this track covers the planning of tourist trips.

Cultural Marketing: Graduates from this track gain insights into the global tourism market and are equipped to market Palestinian historical, archaeological, religious, and cultural sites on a global scale.

By offering specialized tracks and practical experiences, the program readies graduates for dynamic roles within the tourism industry while fostering an appreciation for cultural preservation and sustainable practices.

Type: Bachelor's program

High School branches that can be enrolled in the program:  All branches

Minimum acceptance rate (high school GPA): 65%

Number of hours: 124

Duration of study: 4 years

Fields of work: Upon graduation, graduates are equipped with a versatile skill set that enables them to pursue a variety of career paths within the tourism industry and related fields. Potential areas of employment and engagement include hospitality and restaurants, travel agencies, tourist transport companies, tourism services, government tourism institutions, conference centers, teaching and education, and research and publishing.

The diverse career prospects underscore the comprehensive nature of the program, which equips graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed across a broad spectrum of roles within the tourism and hospitality sectors.


Tuition fees:

- Registration fees for the regular semester: 250 NIS

- Registration fee for the summer semester: 125 NIS

- Service fees for the regular semester: 140 NIS

- Service fees for the summer semester: 70 NIS

- Credit hour fee: 275 NIS

- One-time graduation fee: 110 NIS


The academic plan of the program: