MA in Art Therapy

Faculty: Faculty of graduate studies and scientific research
About the program: This program was developed to address the specific requirements of Palestinian society. It aims to prepare specialized academic professionals in the realm of art psychotherapy. Intended for individuals with primary degrees in social sciences, healthcare, education, and various artistic disciplines, the program offers a comprehensive and profound understanding of utilizing the Arts within psychotherapy. Through advanced studies, participants can enhance their knowledge base, expand their experiential learning, and hone their competencies in mental health. Ultimately, graduates acquire practical clinical expertise in art psychotherapy and gain proficiency in incorporating artistic modalities into psychological therapeutic interventions.
Type: Master's program
Number of hours: 36
Duration of study: two years
Fields of work:This program paves the way for graduates to access a multitude of job prospects across diverse mental health sectors, spanning healthcare, various social sciences, and education across all levels. Graduates are equipped to function within art psychotherapy roles in hospitals and psychiatric clinics. Moreover, opportunities extend to engagement in psychological counseling and psychosocial health services in healthcare facilities, clinics, schools, psychiatric institutions, as well as rehabilitation and recovery centers. In doing so, this program effectively addresses the existing gap in the availability of Palestinian professionals within this specialized field.

Tuition fees:
- Registration fees for the regular semester: 400 NIS
- Registration fee for the summer semester: 200 NIS
- Service fees for the regular semester: 220 NIS
- Service fees for the summer semester: 110 NIS
- Credit hour fee: 700 NIS
- One-time graduation fee: NIS 220

The academic plan of the program: