MA in Arts

Faculty: Faculty of graduate studies and scientific research
About the program: Art operates as a mode of human interaction that profoundly affects societies. Its potential to refine a collective identity and induce transformation underscores its impact. Hence, this program has been designed with three distinct tracks – music, contemporary arts, and documentary film – to equip the Palestinian community with academically and artistically proficient individuals. These individuals can effectively engage with the local and global artistic and cultural landscape across various domains, be it Music, Contemporary Arts, or cinema. The primary objective of the program is to produce graduates and professionals who grasp the significance of the Arts in societal contexts. These individuals will be capable of assuming influential and pioneering roles, contributing to the preservation and evolution of the Palestinian cultural identity. Moreover, they will adeptly convey this identity to every stratum of Palestinian society and the global community. This aspiration is realized through the provision of exceptional Arts education and a conducive environment for research and innovation. The program's mission lies in cultivating specialized experts who foster cultural diffusion and communal artistic consciousness.
Type: Master's program
Number of hours: 36
Duration of study: Two years

Fields of work: 

Music Track:

This program equips its graduates with the skills necessary for a multitude of professions and employment opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles as specialized music educators, both in primary and secondary schools, as well as in institutes and dedicated cultural centers. Additionally, opportunities extend to teaching at colleges and universities, offering students enrolled in this program promising prospects within the Palestinian job market. The scarcity of music instructors in Palestinian educational institutions amplifies the demand for graduates from this program. Furthermore, the program empowers graduates to excel as professional musicians or vocalists, while also providing them with the expertise to establish their own private musical groups. Moreover, the program nurtures individuals with the capacity to function as composers within music production companies.


The Contemporary Arts Track:

Graduates of this program will possess proficiency in various contemporary artistic languages, establishing themselves as qualified artists capable of active participation within the artistic community. They will have the option to become part of the educational faculty, teaching art education in Palestinian primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally, program graduates will have the potential to pursue a career as an art critic, contributing articles to magazines and specialized online platforms.


The Documentary Film Track:

Graduates from this track are well-prepared to excel in the realm of producing documentary films, narrative films, and television programs. They are equipped for roles within television and film production companies. Beyond that, graduates have the autonomy to operate as independent professionals, assuming positions such as directors, editors, or cinematographers in the television and film sectors. Additionally, they have the option to become specialized educators, teaching filmmaking courses within dedicated cultural institutions and centers, as well as at Palestinian colleges and universities.

Tuition fees:
- Registration fees for the regular semester:
400 NIS
- Registration fee for the summer semester: 200 NIS
- Service fees for the regular semester: 220 NIS
- Service fees for the summer semester: 110 NIS
- Credit hour fee: 700 NIS
- One-time graduation fee: NIS 220


The academic plan of the program: