BA in Sport Management

Faculty: The faculty of cultural and Tourism Management

About the program: The program encompasses not only sports management and strategic planning but also extends to training teams based on scientific and professional principles. It also explores the utilization of sports as a catalyst for Sustainable Development, along with innovative content management strategies to enhance sports across diverse domains. The program offers students the chance to glean insights from international experiences throughout their studies. Students can specialize in one of the following tracks:

  • Sports Management: This track focuses on the management of sports facilities and centers.
  • Sports for Development: Graduates from this track are equipped to work as coaches and mentors, employing sports as a tool for human development.
  • Designing Sports Electronic Games: Graduates of this track are prepared to be coaches for sports teams, particularly in the realm of electronic sports games.
  • Sports Performance: This track encompasses the design and operation of electronic sports games, ensuring optimal sports performance.

These specialized tracks allow students to delve into different facets of the sports industry, positioning them to contribute effectively and innovatively to the field upon graduation.

Type: Bachelor's program

High School branches that can be enrolled in the program:  All branches

Minimum acceptance rate (high school GPA): 65%

Number of hours: 124

Duration of study: 4 years

Fields of work: Upon completion of the program, graduates are well-equipped to pursue various career paths within the sports industry. They are qualified to take on roles such as:

  • Sports Center Management
  • Sports Team Coach and Mentor
  • Electronic Sports Games Design and Operation

These diverse career opportunities underscore the comprehensive nature of the program, which equips graduates with the knowledge and skills required to succeed across different aspects of the sports field.


Tuition fees:

- Registration fees for the regular semester: 250 NIS

- Registration fee for the summer semester: 125 NIS

- Service fees for the regular semester: 140 NIS

- Service fees for the summer semester: 70 NIS

- Credit hour fee: 275 NIS

- One-time graduation fee: 110 NIS


The academic plan of the program: