BA in Arts Management

Faculty: The faculty of cultural and Tourism Management

About the program: The core aim of this program is to prepare, train, and enhance students' skills and expertise in the domain of festival and art competition management, alongside the administration of museums, art exhibitions, cultural centers, and various event management initiatives. This encompasses overseeing cultural concerts, cocktail parties, private gatherings, as well as coordinating and managing the logistics of local and global academic and cultural conferences. Moreover, the program equips students with the ability to manage television programs and film projects, and effectively handle theatrical and musical productions. Ultimately, the program is designed to cultivate graduates who are well-versed and competent in the multifaceted world of event and cultural management.

Type: Bachelor's program

High School branches that can be enrolled in the program:  All branches

Minimum acceptance rate (high school GPA): 65%

Number of hours: 124

Duration of study: 4 years

Fields of work: Upon graduation, individuals are well-prepared to directly engage in a diverse range of the cultural management fields that encompass:

  • Festival and Art Competition Management
  • Museum and Art Exhibition Management
  • Event Management
  • Scientific and Cultural Conference Management
  • Television Program and Film Project Management
  • Theatrical and Musical Program Management

The program's comprehensive curriculum empowers graduates to navigate these intricate fields of cultural management with confidence and proficiency.

Tuition fees:

- Registration fees for the regular semester: 250 NIS

- Registration fee for the summer semester: 125 NIS

- Service fees for the regular semester: 140 NIS

- Service fees for the summer semester: 70 NIS

- Credit hour fee: 275 NIS

- One-time graduation fee: 110 NIS


The academic plan of the program: