Associate diploma in Drama and Performing Arts

Faculty: The Technical Community College

About the program: The program encompasses a scholarly study of the foundations and methods of theatrical performance, covering various schools practically and theoretically, along with an exploration of diverse fields within the sector of theatrical performance.Type: Associate Diploma

High School branches that can be enrolled in the program: All branches

Minimum acceptance rate (high school GPA): 50 %

Number of hours: 75

Duration of study: Two years

Fields of work: Graduates are equipped to engage in various roles within the field of dramatic and theatrical arts. This includes opportunities as theater actors, directors, as well as teaching and training in theater at schools and cultural centers.


Tuition fees:

- Registration fees for the regular semester: 250 NIS

- Registration fee for the summer semester: 125 NIS

- Service fees for the regular semester: 140 NIS

- Service fees for the summer semester: 70 NIS

- Credit hour fee: 165 NIS

- One-time graduation fee: 110 NIS


The academic plan of the program: