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Healing War Trauma project at Dar al-Kalima University

Last month, Dar al-Kalima University initiated the (Healing War Trauma program), coordinated by Dr. Nawras Kurzom. This program is part of the activities linked to the newly introduced Master's program in Art Therapy at the university. It is a response to the psychological and emotional effects of the ongoing war in Gaza, whether experienced within or outside the borders of Gaza. One of the program's activities included a workshop conducted by Dr. Hania Obeid for the Master's students in Art Therapy (entitled: "First Aid Psychological Skills," aimed to provide students with fundamental skills in handling psychological emergencies). Additionally, the program featured an online psychotherapy session led by the psychotherapist Joman Mazzawi for a group of students. Furthermore, a lecture titled "How to Interpret the Psychological Situation During War?" was delivered online by the researcher and psychotherapist Ghadeer Mahajneh.