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Orientalism and Gaza
I participated in one of the most beautiful and powerful conferences, “Land, People and Culture,” held at Dar al-Kalima University in Palestine, organized by Mitri Raheb.

It was a transformative conference for me in so many ways as I got a first-hand look at what is actually happening in Palestine under settler colonialism. Even though the Palestinians are suffering under occupation, I was able to experience their extraordinary hospitality, warmth and care. A day after I landed in Palestine, I fell on a pile of rocks and broke my knee cap. The kindness of strangers and the thoughtfulness of Palestinians really warmed my heart, and it is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Less than two days after I returned home from this important conference, the air strikes began on Oct. 7.

As a mother, I am unable to fathom the amount of grief, agony and misery these Palestinian parents are facing, seeing their children and loved ones being murdered, mutilated and being covered by the rubble. With the death toll over 10,000 in Gaza, we watch in disbelief that it can happen right before our eyes while the Western leaders ignore the large global marches protesting the war and demanding a ceasefire.

I ask myself every day, “Where is our humanity and why are we unable to stop this destruction of Gaza and the killing of innocent children and civilians?” >>Read More