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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Work Location:  Bethlehem/ Dar al-Kalima University

Schedule:            Full Time, starting date January 1st, 2024

Job Title:              Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dar al-Kalima University is seeking to fill the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs.



Under the direction of the President, the VPAA serves as the chief academic officer of the university and is responsible for the educational policy and academic programs. This includes program review and improvement, accreditation and self-evaluation, assessment of student learning and advancement of student success, budget development, enrolment management, program and curriculum development, and the encouragement and improvement of teaching and learning.



The VPAA has primary leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, and coordinating the educational programs of the University. In assuming these responsibilities, the VPAA must work closely with the Academic Deans, other administrators, and members of the faculty. While the managerial functions related to curriculum and instruction rest with the Deans, the VPAA serves as a leader in long-term planning of educational programs, assuring quality of instruction, selection and development of a distinguished faculty, furthering the strategic plan, the educational master plan, and the goals and objectives of DAK University. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will serve as advisor to the President in matters related to curriculum and instruction, faculty selection, assignment, development, and retention. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will be accountable for achievement of university goals and objectives within the scope of Academic Affairs as set forth in the University’s Strategic Plan. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will be responsible for relationships with the wider educational community. Working with the Academic Deans in planning, conducting, and evaluating the instructional program, the essential qualification of the Vice President is leadership.



The ideal candidate for this position is an experienced leader with a clear, focused commitment to teaching, learning and academic excellence to promote student success. This candidate is a creative, visionary leader who will inspire staff, students, and the community. The candidate is an innovative thinker who seeks innovative solutions to problem solving and is a critical thinker with outstanding interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills. The candidate is highly ethical, trustworthy, credible, loyal and is respectful of diverse views and opinions. The candidate is flexible and inter-culturally competent and is a person whose leadership style is collegial, approachable, and accessible on campus and in the community. The candidate can delegate responsibility and authority while maintaining accountability. This seasoned professional fosters cohesion and a sense of working together for the good of the University and is committed to the effective use of technology within academic and administrative environments.



Provides strong, dynamic academic and administrative leadership, fosters a collegial environment which encourages scholarship, teaching, and learning excellence; • possesses the vision to guide the University’s academic programs into the future; • understands and appreciates the mission of DAK University and is able to relate it to all constituencies; • aids in making decisions consistent with the mission and goals; • advocates and promotes quality instruction, student success, integrated planning, and the expansion of Student Learning Outcomes to meet the educational needs of students; • works with the instructional staff in development of the educational program, including the maintenance of standards and the evaluation of deans and teachers; • provides leadership and oversight for enrolment management strategies, initiatives and efficiencies; • provides oversight of assessment of Student Learning Outcomes and university-wide accreditation; • works effectively with community groups, educational entities, business, industry, government and legislative bodies to develop partnerships which result in improved service to students and to the community; • provides innovative and successful academic leadership and vision in instruction and program development in basic skills, transfer, vocational developmental and non-traditional programs; • provides guidance to, and receives recommendations from the diverse councils and other representative organizations regarding the planning, implementation and review of academic programs, services, activities and related matters; • participates in the planning of new facilities for the purposes of instruction and student services; • supervises the registrar and the registration process ; • supervises the development library services and distance learning; • acts as the officer in the recruitment and selection of faculty, and to recommend to the President the employment of those selected; • understands and promotes the role and use of technology in the instructional environment; • reviews grant opportunities and supports applications for new grants; oversees implementation of grants within the Academic Affairs area; • represents the university at MOHE meetings and conferences, makes presentations at meetings, workshops and events as assigned; • participates in open sessions of the Board of Trustees and in closed sessions as needed; • prepares, submits, and monitors the annual budget for areas of responsibilities; • trains, supervises, evaluates, and directs the work of assigned personnel; • chairs the academic council of DAK University• completes other duties as assigned by the President.


The VPAA will have • knowledge and experience in Student Learning Outcome design, development, implementation, and assessment; • knowledge and experience in curriculum development and innovation; • knowledge of the MOHE rules and regulations• knowledge and experience in accreditation self-evaluation and service on an accreditation evaluation team.



VPAA will possess • a PhD degree from an accredited institution; • five years of senior administrative level leadership and experience in higher education; • proven experience in and commitment to participatory governance with meaningful involvement of all constituent groups; • demonstrated experience with strategic planning, strong fiscal management and leading the ongoing efforts of the University to meet accreditation standards; • demonstrated commitment to academic quality and standards; • demonstrated support for faculty and staff development; • public speaking to small and large groups; persuasive communication; negotiation; flexibility; adaptability; tact and sensitivity; multi-tasking and work under pressure.


Please submit your curriculum vita to by November 19, 2023.