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Nabad's program

Nabad's program

Nabad is an innovative program that aims at empowering artists, arts organizations and creative enterprises (small businesses) to implement their artistic/cultural ideas and market their artworks. 
Nabad emerged in response to the August 4 port explosions in Beirut, and strives to become a beacon of support in Southwestern Asia and North Africa’s (SWANA) art communities.
Nabad is a heartbeat embedded with the larger beating heart of local and regional arts and culture life, a vital impulse of hope amid war, destruction and instability, and a driving pulsation towards social and community transformation.

• Nurturing young, emerging and marginalized artistic voices to become empowered by bringing them to the attention of the sector and the public, and giving them the opportunities to develop their technical skills, creativity and ability to reach new audiences.
• Helping local arts organizations and creative enterprises to organize cultural events, art workshops and training, and to raise awareness about the social, economic and environmental benefits and impact of local arts and cultures.
• Fostering new job opportunities in accordance with local/regional needs in the arts and culture domain, and encouraging human productivity and creative skills to enable artists to shape the future through their work.
• Creating content about local historical and contemporary art productions that would contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and cultural life in the SWANA region, and to making sure that the arts and culture are available to everyone, and are not siloed away in certain institutions or particular areas within countries.
• Creating networks aimed at keeping artists more engaged and supported, through diverse activities such as conferences, webinars, live art performances...

Nabad is an outgrowth of Dar al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture which was established in 2006 in Bethlehem - Palestine. This university is the first institution of higher education in Palestine to focus its educational objectives on the performing arts, visual arts, and cultural heritage. Based on its expertise generated over 15 years, Dar al Kalima started in 2019 an art intervention/outreach program in Gaza, and in 2020 the Nabad program in Beirut. 

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