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Re-Using The Archives- panel with additional media

This panel is in English and Arabic with direct translations, no captions.

This panel explores ways of reusing and re-thinking the role of archives. It builds on the theme of co-creations seeking approaches to tackle disruptions and dislocations in the collection and dissemination of subaltern archives. The panel brings together the experience of film students from Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture who have reused the film archives of filmmaker Monica Mauer to create new films based on how they perceive the film reels of Monica’s film Yom Al-Ard. Shot in 1981 in the Galilee (Nazareth, Deir Hanna, and Sakhnin) the original film Yom-Al Ard pays homage to the still prescient topics of the transversal unity of the people, their collective energy in the defense of Palestinian identity. In this panel students will view the original film that Monica made and with the panelists they will reflect on the emerging film language and approaches to re-using the film archives the students employed in their films. You can see a few of the films that resulted from this amazing project below.

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